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Review of "It's Bruno" 5/20/19 by Suzanne
Season One airs on Netflix

Solvan Naim (who also created and wrote the series) plays Malcolm, a young guy who takes his pug dog, Bruno, with him everywhere and spoils him. He has to deal with other people in his Brooklyn neighborhood who may not love and respect Bruno the way he does, like the grocery store owner who won't let dogs in his store.

I really love this new show. It's funny, silly, and has a lot of heart. Don't miss it! It only has 8 short episodes. You want to make sure and watch at least the first 3 or 4 episodes, though, so you can start to really see what it's about. They spend the first few episodes showing you the characters. The last episode is really out there.

If you love dogs, you should love this show.  It's a funny farce with quirky characters. Seriously, make sure you watch it, and tell everyone you know to watch it!


It's Bruno! follows dog lover Malcolm (Solvan “Slick” Naim), his best friend and canine companion Bruno, and the hilarious adventures that take place on their vibrant Brooklyn block.

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