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The Enemy Within cast 

Review of "The Enemy Within" 2/24/18 by Suzanne
Premieres Monday, February 25 10/9c on NBC

This show reminds me of "The Blacklist," but it doesn't have the humor that one does.  Jennifer Carpenter is great as former CIA agent Erica Shepherd, a woman in prison for betraying her country.  She gave a terrorist the names of some CIA agents that stopped him from blowing something up, so he had them killed. She was caught, but in the first episode, she helps the CIA go after him and some other terrorists.  Morris Chestnut plays Will Keaton, the CIA agent who has to work with her to catch spies and terrorists.  He's reluctant because one of the people that was killed was his wife.  At the end of the first episode, we find out why Erica gave up the names, and it makes her more sympathetic.

The premise of the show comes from, in part, this statistic, that's shown at the beginning of the first episode: "The FBI estimates there are one hundred thousand foreign spies working within the U.S. today." Wow, that's quite a shocking statistic.

 I also watched the third episode, which is about how Erica, Will and their team catch an ambassador who is selling secrets to a drug cartel. They must use the man's wife against him.  The show has a lot of action. It's definitely a thriller. It all depends on whether you like the characters. We find more about them in every episode. There are a lot of dramas out there. I doubt this one will make it because it's just not that special.  It's better than Jennifer Carpenter's last show, but probably not good enough. I guess we'll just wait and see. I hope someday she finds something else as good as "Dexter."


In this character-based psychological thriller, Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) is a brilliant former CIA operative, now known as one of the most notorious traitors in recent American history serving life in a Supermax prison. Against every fiber of his being but with nowhere else to turn, FBI Agent Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) enlists Shepherd to help track down a fiercely dangerous and elusive criminal she knows all too well. While Shepherd and Keaton have different motivations for bringing the enemy to justice, they both know that to catch a spy… they must think like one.

The cast includes Jennifer Carpenter, Morris Chestnut, Raza Jaffrey, Kelli Garner, Cassandra Freeman and Noah Mills.

“The Enemy Within” was created by Ken Woodruff, who executive produces alongside Matt Corman, Chris Ord and Charles Beeson. Mark Pellington directs and executive produces the pilot. Vernon Sanders also executive produces the pilot. “The Enemy Within” is produced by Universal Television.

Please visit the official show site at:


Twitter: @NBCEnemyWithin

Hashtag: #TheEnemyWithin

“PILOT” (Monday, Feb. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT) 
“The Enemy Within” is a character-driven investigative thriller set in the world of counterintelligence. It focuses on former CIA agent Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter), the most notorious traitor in modern history and most hated woman in America, who is brought out of a federal supermax prison by the FBI’s Agent Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) to help stop some of the most dangerous acts of espionage threatening the United States today.


When a former CIA operative is murdered, Keaton (Morris Chestnut) enlists Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) to help recover valuable intel that could take down Tal once and for all. But the question remains, can Shepherd be trusted?

“THE AMBASSADOR’S WIFE” (Monday, March 11, 10 p.m. ET/PT)
Following the discovery that a U.S. Ambassador is selling classified intelligence to a Colombian cartel, Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) devises a plan to catch him that will push Keaton’s (Morris Chestnut) moral code to the brink. Keaton brings a new member (Cassandra Freeman) on to the team.

The cast also includes Raza Jaffrey, Kelli Garner and Noah Mills.

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