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Review of "Clique" 3/7/18 by Suzanne
airs Wednesdays, 10/9c on POP

This is a British series, now airing on U.S. TV.  It's set in college, but it has a lot of mystery and intrigue in it. Two girls, Georgia (Aisling Franciosi) and Holly (Synnøve Karlsen), are best friends at the University of Edinburgh.  Georgia, who likes to party, gets involved with this select group of students, hand-picked by a powerful female professor (No, this is not "How to Get Away with Murder," despite the similar description).

The group, Solasta Women's Initiative, has many secrets.  Holly is alarmed by how her friend changes; she suspects that something terrible is going on, so she forces her way into the select group.  Some dark and creepy things happen, endangering the girls.  The professor has an unusual idea about feminism that intrigues the girls who join her group. Holly has her own secrets that she's worried might be revealed.

The show has a lot of great mysteries and action - more than you might expect. It covers many controversial topics that young people have to deal with, such as consent, sexual asssault and alt-right violence.  I think it's worth watching. I'm surprised that the show is on POP and not BBC America. There is also a second season that hasn't aired here yet. There are only 6 episodes in each season, so it's easy to watch. It sounds like the show is very successful, so it might get a third season.


CLIQUE, a six-part seductive drama from the creators of the British TV hit “Skins,” comes to Pop TV this fall.

Premiering with a two-hour television event on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 10:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m., ET/PT, this new binge-worthy drama follows childhood best friends Georgia (Aisling Franciosi – “Game of Thrones”) and Holly (Synnove Karlsen – “Medici: The Magnificent”) as they embark on the so-called best years of their lives at a university.

They are quickly drawn into an alluring world of lavish parties and an elite clique of alpha girls, who intern at a corporation led by their economics professor Jude (Louise Brealey – “Sherlock”). But after witnessing an underbelly of drug use, sex, betrayal, violence and self-harm, Holly begins to suspect a darkness lurking behind the corrupt corporation and must work to figure out its mysteries without encountering deadly consequences.

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