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parents and Max 

Review of "Butterfly" 1/20/18 by Suzanne
airs now on HULU

This miniseries sounded interesting, but it's incredibly slow and at times, very boring. I think that they tried so hard to be realistic that they made it too much like every-day life (no one really wants to see that).

It's about a family that's trying to deal with the fact that their son, Max, identifies as a girl. The father, Stephen (Sean McGinley), left because he couldn't handle the idea and had hit Max. The mom, Vicky (Anne Friel) is more sympathetic to the son but is still reeling from her husband leaving them and trying to cope with everything new she's learning about transgender. The daughter, Lily (Millie Gibson), is very supportive of Max but is affected, of course, by the fact that her family is being torn apart. Most affected is Max, who can't even use the bathroom of his choice at school.

I thought that Max is about 10, but from what I've read, he just entered high school. He definitely looked a lot younger than that. Whether you feel that a teenager should be allowed to change their sexual identity or not, the family and what they're all going through is the heart of the story. The actors definitely do a great job of selling their anguish.

If you can get past the slowness of it, it's a good drama, worth watching. It's ground-breaking for TV, and I'm sure it will spark lots of conversation. Also, it's only three episodes, so that should make it easier to watch. Also, you just might learn something about what transgender children and their families experience.


International Emmy Award-winning Anna Friel stars in this heartfelt story from BAFTA award-winning writer Tony Marchant (Holding On, The Mark of Cain).

Butterfly is about the acrimonious relationship between separated parents, Vicky and Stephen, and their division in opinion over how to support their gender variant child, Max. From a young age, their now 11-year-old son has identified as a girl and presented signs of gender dysphoria.

When Max was eight, Stephen walked out on his family, unable to understand or cope with his sonís gender variance.
But when Max self-harms, Stephen seizes the opportunity return to live at the family home and support his son. What unfolds for all the family members involved is the greatest challenge and test of love and understanding imaginable.

The drama will embrace the story of a three-generational family, and will expose the truly extraordinary demands made by each and every individual in it. We will see how they all prosper or fall as the string of challenges unfolds over time.

Original Streaming Date: January 18, 2018

S1 E3 'Episode 3'

Desperate to protect her daughter, Vicky takes drastic measures to help Maxine become who she really is, against Stephenís wishes. Vickyís visceral need to protect her child at any cost could end up tearing her family apart.

S1 E2 'Episode 2'

Vicky and Stephen do everything they can to support Maxís transition to becoming Maxine. But itís clear that Stephen is unhappy things are moving so fast. With the couple divided, Vicky takes matters into her own hands and makes a reckless decision.

S1 E1 'Episode 1'

Separated parents Vicky and Stephen must overcome their differences when their son, Max, has increasingly upsetting feelings around gender. Stephen returns to the family home when Maxís distress escalates.

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