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"It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards" 

Review of "It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards" 4/21/18 by Eva Diaz airs Wednesdays on Paramount Network.

I had the wrong idea about this show. I thought it was going to be a fiction crime drama where there would be a murder every week to solve. I love crime and police dramas, so I thought I would watch it. The show is actually the life of a real murderer, Ed Edwards, who murdered many people. It is a multiipart documentary in which Edwards' grandson, a retired detective, and John Cameron, another former detective, seek to investigate Edwards' many murders to get to the truth of just how many murders Edwards committed in his life.

I am most sympathetic to Wayne Wolfe and his quest to find out about his grandfather and some of his family that he never met. You feel his struggle as he deals with his grandfather's dark side, and as he tries to bring closure to the families of the victims of his grandfather. I am less sympathetic to John Cameron, who has spent 6 years of his life investigating Edwards to the point of being so obessed with it that he lost his job. Cameron's relationship with his family has become strained because he can only think about these murders. I feel that he is taking advantage of Wayne Wolfe in his quest to blame Edwards for every major serial killing spree or murder case that is famous.  I feel that Edwards murdered many, but Camron thinks that he was responsible for the Black Dahlia murder, the Zodiac killings, the Atlanta child killings, JonBonet Ramsey and many other famous murders (which seems pretty far-fetched).

In upcoming episodes, they will examine each of the famous murders to see if Edwards indeed framed other people for crimes that he commited.. The show is very well done, and they go into explicit detail about each murder. I have to admit it is a bit scary to think that one person could be capable of such evil.

If you like documetary-style, real-life crime shows, you will want to watch this one. I have to say I'm glad I recorded it and watched it in the daytime because If I had watched it at night when it aired live, I wouldn't have been able to sleep. I give this show a 5 out of 5 stars, not because I will be watching it again, but because I know people who like this type of show will not be disappointed.


about It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards
In this true-crime docuseries, veteran detective John Cameron investigates convicted serial killer Ed Edwards and uncovers mounting evidence that connects Edwards to some of the most infamous murder cases of the last 60 years, many of which are still unsolved. Cameron is joined by Edwards's own grandson, Wayne Wolfe, as they search for the truth.

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