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Alex, Inc. 

Review of "Alex, Inc" 3/29/18 by Eva Diaz airs Wednesdays 8:30/7:30c on NBC.

I was interested in this show because I always thought Zach Braff was funny.  When I heard he had a new show, I wanted to watch it. In this show, he plays Alex Schuman, a man who decides to leave his job on an NPR type radio show to start his own podcast, where he intends to make a difference in the world. Alex has two kids and a very supportive wife, Rooni (Tiya Sircar), who go along with his new adventure.

The first thing Alex does after leaving his job is to look for an investor and an office.  The first episode deals with him trying to find an investor. Alex meets with several investors, but none of them can see his vision for the show.  He considers giving up on the idea of his podcast, until his family persuades him that he is the best at telling stories on the radio because he loves his job. Alex chases his potential investor down to a private airstrip, and although he doesn't have an idea for the subject of the podcast yet, his wife tells him that it should be about his family. The potential investor likes the idea and decides to fund it.

I enjoyed because he needs to start his podcast, and although Alex is a little scared and nervous, he knows that with the support of his family, he can do anything.  The show is heartwarming and funny, and the cast has great chemistry together.  I think this will be a hit for ABC, although it needs a little work.  It's great to see a comedy about a loving, supportive family. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars


ALEX, INC. (Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET)
Based on Alex Blumberg’s successful podcast “StartUp,” comedy series “Alex, Inc.” is all about the things that happen – the good, the bad and the ugly – when a journalist and family man quits his job to start his own company. He quickly discovers it’s going to be a lot harder than he thought.

Alex Schuman is a successful radio producer with a whip-smart, public defender wife, Meheroon (aka “Rooni”), and two confident, quirky children, Ben and Soraya. After years of making the kind of content that brings no creative fulfilment, in what most would consider an early mid-life crisis, Alex decides to risk everything – including his savings – to start his own business. Armed only with the help of his overenthusiastic producer, Deirdre, and his fast-talking, unemployed second cousin, Eddie, Alex navigates the crazy world of start-ups while trying to keep his marriage and family a priority.

The series stars Zach Braff as Alex Schuman, Michael Imperioli as Eddie, Tiya Sircar as Rooni Schuman, Hillary Anne Matthews as Deirdre, Elisha Henig as Ben Schuman and Audyssie James as Soraya Schuman.

Matt Tarses is executive producer and writer. In addition to his role in front of the camera, Zach Braff is executive producer and director. John Davis and John Fox are executive producers from Davis Entertainment, as are Alex Blumberg, Chris Gilberti and Matt Lieber (Gimlet Media) in association with Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios.

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Page updated 5/3/18

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