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Van Helsing 

"Van Helsing" review by Suzanne 9/15/16
Premieres Friday, September 23, 10/9c on Syfy

 This is a really good show if you don't mind a lot of violence, blood and gore. Personally, I don't watch shows like "The Walking Dead" or "The Strain" because they're just too gross for me (plus, I don't like zombies).  However, if it's possible, this show is way more hopeful than either of those shows.

It takes place in a few years, after the Vampire Apocalypse has started. Due to a volcano eruption, and several other cataclysmic events, fire and ash rained down on humanity. There were already vampires, but they had to hide from sunlight. With the ash blocking the sunlight, they were able to go out and start feeding.

THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE! These can be found on Syfy's site, so I will only put this one warning.

One woman, Vanessa, has special blood that can turn vampires into humans.  She died after being attacked by a vicious vamp, but she was reborn, and now she can't die and heals right away.  Most of the action takes place in an abandoned hospital, now a bunker, where a marine named Axel guards Vanessa, who was "asleep" for a few years (recovering from her death). He also guards a doctor, who was bitten (he keeps her in a cage and feeds her blood).  He keeps all others out, but he's let a few humans back in who've been trying to stay alive.

Most of the action takes place inside the hospital, which is pretty much a bunker now. Axel rigged it with booby traps and has kept the power on with a generator.  Sometimes they have to go outside to get supplies, facing down the vamps.

The first episode starts right away with the action. Vanessa is attacked by some vamps, and then we meet Axel and the others.  In the second episode, we see what happened before the volcano erupted.  In the third episode, Axel and the others figure out that Vanessa's blood can turn vampires back into humans (that's the hopeful part I was talking about -- all is not lost if vampires can be turned back).

Although I don't watch "The Walking Dead," it seems like this is a very similar show, but with vampires instead of humans.  The acting is good, and they keep the action going steadily.  Jonathan Scarfe (Axel) has been on may shows, but he's most known for "Hell on Wheels."  He reminds me of a less-pretty Jon Tenney. Kelly Overton (Vanessa) is a beautiful-but-tough sort of actress that you find in these kind of shows. She was on "Legend" and "Trueblood." You'll recognize some other familiar faces as well.

If you can get past the gore and violence, then you should really enjoy the show. It's very compelling. I think it will be very successful.


Van Helsing is set in the near future, where vampires have risen and taken control.  Vanessa Van Helsing is humanity's last hope, as her unique blood composition gives her the ability to turn vampires human. With this secret weapon, Vanessa becomes a prime target for the vampires. Van Helsing comes from the producers of Fargo and Hell on Wheels. Acclaimed director/playwright Neil LaBute serves as showrunner. 

Fighting vampires is in her blood…

From the producers of “Fargo” and “Hell On Wheels,” and marking director/playwright Neil LaBute’s debut as showrunner, Syfy’s 13-part series VAN HELSING takes a new twist on the classic story of “Dracula.”

Set in a near future where vampires have risen and taken control, VAN HELSING stars Kelly Overton (“True Blood”) as Vanessa Van Helsing, a descendant of the famed Van Helsing line. Vanessa’s unique blood composition allows her to turn vampires to human – a secret weapon that makes her humanity’s last hope.

Airing on Syfy Fridays at 10/9c, the series will kick-off on September 23 with a special two-hour, double episode premiere.

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