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Trollhunters cast 

"Trollhunter" review by Suzanne 12/31/16
Airs now on Netflix

This is a really fun animated fantasy show from Guillermo del Toro about a teenage boy, Jim, who inherits a sword and armor of a "trollhunter," someone who defends the good trolls that live beneath the human town against the evil trolls. It stars the late Anton Yelchin (Chekov in "Star Trek") as Jim. Kelsey Grammer ("Bull" and "Frasier") voices one of the good trolls that helps Jim.

There are a lot of other great voices, too. Jonathan Hyde plays a teacher, Walt Strickler, who's involved with the bad trolls; other trolls are voiced by Ron Perlman, Clancy Brown and Tom Hiddleston! It's got a pretty amazing cast.

The story is really good; the animation is fabulous. This would have made a great live-action movie or show as well. It's as good as anything Disney's done in movie form. Check it out!


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