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Timeless cast 

"Timeless" review by Suzanne 10/6/16
Airs Mondays, 10/9c on NBC

First I must confess that I love time travel shows and movies. I loved "Quantum Leap," "Time Cop," "Seven Days," "Continuum," "12 Monkeys," and even "Time Tunnel," which was a terrible show, but I was a kid and just fell in love with it (the handsome stars).  What often goes along with time travel is alternate timelines or alternate realities (I also loved "Sliders").  "Timeless" is another fun time travel show, but it also has alternate timelines. 

In the first episode, they take you right full on into the action. You barely get to find out what's going on and who the characters before they're flying away in a time machine. First, some crooks steal the time machine, and then the government, having learned of all this, recruits a history professor and some others to take an older time machine and follow the bad guys to keep them from changing the past.

We've seen this done many times before, but in this case, we're not really sure who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are, which makes it more interesting.  The star of the show is Lucy, played by Abigail Spencer.  She's just been turned down for tenure (we're not told why), and her mom is dying, but she's taken by the government for this time travel adventure because of her vast knowledge of the past.  The "bad guys," headed by Garcia Flynn (ER's hunky Goran Višnji)_, have jumped to the Hindenberg disaster. Lucy travels in the time machine, along with grieving soldier Wyatt (Matt Lanter), who lost his wife, and techie Rufus (Malcolm Barrett).  Rufus, however, has been tasked to spy on his traveling companions by his boss, Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph), whose company developed the time machines (we don't know why yet).

While they attempt to blend into the 1940's and stop the bad guys, the Hindenberg is saved, instead of exploding, and the group is thrown in jail instead, after killing one of the bad guys. Also, Flynn tells Lucy that she may be working for the wrong side.  Presumably, we'll learn more about what's going on in future episodes as they chase around the past.

They've set up some interesting things here. They're not allowed to go back into the same area of time because they can't risk meeting themselves.  When they return, Lucy's life is really changed, so I'm looking forward to seeing what else happens to her and her family in future episodes, as well as the answers to the other mysteries!

If you like scifi or time travel stories, you should check this out. The characters are fun, and there's lots of action.  It carries you along quickly.  The show's creators have done many good shows, such as "Supernatural" and "The Blacklist."


From Eric Kripke (“Revolution,” “Supernatural”), Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”) and the producers of “The Blacklist” comes this thrilling action-adventure series in which a mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past.  Our only hope is an unexpected team: Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), a scientist; Wyatt (Matt Lanter), a soldier; and Lucy (Abigail Spencer), a history professor, all of who must use the machine’s prototype to travel back in time to critical events. While they must make every effort not to affect the past themselves, they must also stay one step ahead of Flynn (Goran Višnjić), a dangerous fugitive. But can this handpicked team uncover the mystery behind it all and end his destruction before it’s too late?

 The cast includes Abigail Spencer (“Rectify,” “True Detective,” and “Suits”), Matt Lanter (“90210,” “Star-Crossed,” and “Commander in Chief”), Malcolm Barrett (“The Hurt Locker,” “Dear White People,” and “Better Off Ted”),  Goran Višnjić (“ER,” “Extant” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), Paterson Joseph (“The Beach,” “In the Name of the Father,” and “Aeon Flux”), Sakina Jaffrey (“House of Cards,” “Mr. Robot,” and “The Mindy Project”) and Claudia Doumit (“Faking It,” “Scandal,” and “New Girl”).
Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke are the co-showrunners, writers and executive producers. John Davis (“The Blacklist”), John Fox (“The Blacklist”) and Marney Hochman (“The Chicago Code”) also executive produce.  
“Timeless” is a production of Sony Pictures Television, Davis Entertainment, MiddKid Productions and Kripke Enterprises. 
Please visit the official show site at
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AN UNLIKELY TEAM IS TASKED WITH TRAVELING THROUGH TIME TO CHASE A CRIMINAL MASTERMIND - AND PROTECT THE PAST. When one of the world's most dangerous fugitives steals a state-of-the-art time machine, the U.S. government asks a history professor, Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), a soldier, Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), and a scientist, Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and chase the criminal mastermind, Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjic) to the Hindenburg disaster of 1937. While there, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus each have to draw on expertise to save the present and protect the past-possibly at great personal cost. Can this unlikely trio stop Flynn and unveil the mystery behind it all before it's too late? Also starring Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit. Guest starring Matt Frewer and Chad Rook.


THE TEAM CAN SAVE THE LIFE OF ONE OF HISTORY'S GREATEST MEN. Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt (Matt Lanter), and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) chase terrorist Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjic) to the night of Lincoln's assassination, where they're horrified to learn that Flynn's linked up with history's most notorious assassin, John Wilkes Booth (guest star Kelly Blatz). Putting aside a tragedy of her own, Lucy speculates that Flynn intends to send the fragile nation into chaos by making a bad thing worse, and a debate rages among the team: should they alter history if it means changing it for the better? Also starring Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit. Guest starring Neal Bledsoe, Michael Krebs, Terry Lewis and Lucia Frangione.


THE TRIO NAVIGATES RAT PACK-ERA VEGAS TO LOCATE GARCIA FLYNN. After landing in 1962 Las Vegas, Flynn (Goran Višnjic) has the team on the run with the era's most infamous mistress. During the restless, neon-lit night, Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) meets his old mentor Anthony Bruhl (guest star Matt Frewer), whose motives may be darker than anyone suspected. Meanwhile, Lucy's (Abigail Spencer) personal life is falling apart, Wyatt (Matt Lanter) attempts to change history for himself, and we discover Flynn intends to gamble with far more human life than we realized. Also starring Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit. Guest starring Elena Satine, Irby Gascon, Scott Bailey, Marc Senior, Ronnie Scott and Peter Grasso

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