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Tangled: The Series characters 

Review of "Tangled: The Series" 3/22/17 by Suzanne
Airs Fridays at 7:30pm on Disney Channel

Even if you've never watched the Disney movie "Tangled," then you should know what's going on easily in this show. They make it pretty easy to figure out. This is a fun Disney kids show. Kids of all ages should enjoy it. It rolls along and has a good story.

Any child under the age of 12 should definitely enjoy it, and possibly others as well. Rapunzel is the star of the show, and she solves mysteries of various kinds. Apparently her hair grows when something strange is about to happen. Check it out.


Set between the stories told in Walt Disney Animation Studiosí acclaimed film "Tangled" and its short film "Tangled Ever After," this visually vibrant animated adventure/comedy series unfolds as Rapunzel acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona. Her irrepressible spirit and natural curiosity about the world lead her to realize that there is so much more she needs to learn before she can accept her royal destiny. So, she boldly puts her coronation on hold to instead seek epic adventures, much to the dismay of the king who, after missing out on Rapunzelís youth, must accept that his daughter is now an independent young woman. But when her long blonde hair suddenly grows back, she must accept its magical qualities and all that it represents. Accompanying Rapunzel on her journey are Eugene (FKA Flynn Rider); her loyal chameleon sidekick, Pascal; her no-nonsense, dutiful horse, Maximus; the Snuggly Duckling Pub Thugs; and newcomer Cassandra, a tough-as-nails lady-in-waiting who becomes Rapunzelís confidante.

Voice Cast: Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
Zachary Levi as Eugene
Eden Espinosa as Cassandra
Julie Bowen as Queen Arianna
Clancy Brown as King Frederic

Recurring Guest Jeffrey Tambor as Big Nose
Voice Cast: Sean Hayes as Pete the Guard
Jeremy Jordan as Varian
Jeff Ross as Hook Foot
Richard Kind as Uncle Monty
Paul F. Tompkins as Shorty
Jonathan Banks as Quirin
Peter MacNicol as Nigel the Advisor
Diedrich Bader as Stan the Guard
M.C. Gainey as Captain of the Guards
Laura Benanti as Lady Caine
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Xavier
Pat Carroll as Old Lady Crowley
Charles Halford as Vladimir
Steve Blum as Attila Buckethead
James Monroe Iglehart as Lance Strongbow

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Page updated 3/31/17

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