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Startup cast 

"Startup" review by Suzanne 9/14/16
Season 1 airs on Crackle

I really wanted to like this show because I just love Martin Freeman, and I've liked Adam Brody a lot, ever since he played Seth in "The O.C."  It's an interesting idea for a show. Set in Miami, an unlikely combination of people get involved in trying to startup a tech company, but they're embroiled in crime as well. Brody plays a young investment banker who's desperate to do good in the world and escape his father's drug business. Newcomer Otmara Marrero plays Izzy, a young computer whiz who wants to get her Bitcoin-like business of the ground (and escape her family's pressure to go to college). Edi Gathegi, whom you might know from "The Blacklist," is a gangbanger trying to escape poverty and violence.  They all want to make Izzy's ideas into a startup, but their funding is sketchy. 

Martin Freeman, sans British accent, plays the corrupt FBI agent Rask, who's investigating all of it. He's the most interesting character because he's a little crazy and angry.  The last, and possibly most important character in the show is Miami itself.  They show the real Miami, not the flashy, jazzy parts we saw a lot on "CSI: Miami," "Burn Notice," or even "Dexter."  Miami was just a flavor in those shows, but it's an integral part of "Startup." 

It's not a bad show. It's pretty well written and has great acting. My problem with it is that the characters are very unlikable and selfish, and terrible things keep happening. There doesn't seem to be much hope or joy in the show. I guess what I'm saying, is that it doesn't connect with me emotionally. I don't like shows where everyone is selfish, or bad, or deeply flawed, and everything is just dour or depressing. There is some humor, sure, but not too much. Also, it has a lot of gratuitous sex. I mean, a lot. So it's just not my kind of show, even though I find it interesting.

If a gritty crime drama set in Miami is your kind of thing, then go for it.



S1 E5 / Buyout

Original | Not Rated | 44 min | Released: 09/06/2016
Audio: English | CC/Subtitles: English

Why It Crackles: Martin Freeman and Adam Brody star in this gritty Miami crime drama about building a company from the underground up.

Episode Description: As Rask slides into a pit of violence and corruption, he fights to regain control. Nick and Izzy absorb a devastating blow to GenCoin. Ronald takes a risk with the company pitch.

Series Description:

Sometimes you have to build a company from the underground up. Adam Brody (The O.C., The League), Edi Gathegi (The BlacklistTwilight), Otmara Marrero (Graceland) and Martin Freeman (The HobbitSherlock) star in a Crackle Original Series about a group of unlikely business partners who take dirty money to fund their start-up—and risk paying with their lives.

Genres: Crime , Drama , Crackle Original
Cast: Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman
Directors: Ben Ketai
Writers: Ben Ketai

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