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Shut Eye 

"Shut Eye" review by Suzanne 12/21/16
Airs now on HULU

Jeffrey Donovan is a fantastic actor. I loved him in "Burn Notice," but he was also great in "Fargo." He's even better in this new series. (However, I have to say I prefer him as the heroic Michael on "Burn Notice" more than these other roles)  He stars as a con man named Charlie who works as a fake psychic for some gypsy mobsters. After getting his head kicked in, he develops some real psychic powers. KaDee Strickland ("Private Practice") plays his wife, Linda. Legendary actress Isabella Rossellini plays Rita, the head of the gypsies.

It's a really interesting show, but I have one main problem with it. All of these people are scum.  They are all bad people, and some of them are vicious. We're supposed to like and even feel sorry for Charlie and Linda, I think, because they're not making as much money as they could because they have to give so much of it to the gypsies. I guess that's the plight of any low-level criminal. I just find it hard to like criminals that hurt people.

It's definitely entertaining after Charlie gets his new psychic powers and starts to turn things more his way. If I had nothing else to watch, I would keep watching it to see what else happens. I wish I had time!

Check it out if you don't mind this type of show. I prefer to watch heroes rather than villains. 


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