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"Quarry" review by Suzanne 9/21/16
Airs Fridays 10pm on Cinemax

This show is set in the early 1970's, and they do a really great job of recreating the time with the right music, hairstyles, clothes and cars. Unlike "Mad Men," though, this is a very dark and depressing tale about a Vietnam vet who has a hard time adjusting to life back in the states after he returns home.

I watched the first episode for free on YouTube.  It was an enjoyable show, but I don't think it's something I would make time to watch because it's just a little too sad for me. Logan Marshall-Green, who was so great in "Dark Blue" on TNT, plays Mac, nicknamed "Quarry," the star of the show. In the pilot, one terrible thing after another happens to this guy, who has already been investigated for some kind of My Lai-Massacre type of event before the show even starts.  He loses everything in this episode, but he gets a new job that pays a lot of money.

A shadowy crime boss known only as "The Broker" pays Quarry to become a hit man, since he was so good at killing over in 'Nam.  Quarry is reluctant, but events eventually force him into it.  As the story unfolds in subsequent episodes, he gets embroiled more in corruption and murder.

I had one other problem with the show besides its heavy tone. When Mac and his buddy Arthur return from Vietnam, they're greeted at the Memphis Airport by hippie war protestors, who throw rotten fruit at them and call them baby-killers. Now, there were a lot of anti-war protests, and some people did call vets those names, but contrary to popular belief, vets were not spit on and treated violently when they returned home. That's a myth.  Secondly, they didn't fly in commercial airlines, so they wouldn't have been at that airport. Thirdly, I doubt people in Memphis would treat the military that way, even back then.  Fourthly, the protesters would not even have known when they were coming back. They didn't have instant information back then, like we do now. So that was all very gratuitous and designed to make you feel bad for the characters, in a completely unrealistic way. Most war protesters were non-violent and peaceful.  Vets did not get parades or jobs, but they weren't treated like dirt. Although these characters were involved in some kind of terrible war crimes, I doubt they still would have been treated that way by the public. Besides, Memphis is not exactly a small town, so no one would even know who they are.

Damon Harriman plays a great character here who's somehow involved in all of this crime and murder business (I think he's supposed to be gay).  He's always a fantastic actor.

If you're looking for a good drama, check it out. Maybe you'll enjoy it more than I did. If you remember the early 1970's, you might like it just for that.


'Quarry' is the story of Mac Conway, a Marine who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam in 1972 and finds himself shunned by those he loves and demonized by the public. As he struggles to cope with his experiences at war, Conway is drawn into a network of killing and corruption that spans the length of the Mississippi River. The one-hour drama stars Logan Marshall-Green, Jodi Balfour, Peter Mullan, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Damon Herriman. Based on the novels of Max Allan Collins, the show will be directed and executive produced by Greg Yaitanes, along with executive producer Steve Golin. Created and executive produced by Graham Gordy & Michael D. Fuller.

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