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Review of "Pure" 7/15/17 by Suzanne
Airs now on HULU

In this Canadian drama, a Mennonite leader gets drawn into a feud with some other Mennonites that are career criminals (they're like a mafia).  Mennonites are usually peaceful religious folk, so the series seems very strange. However, apparently there actually are some Mennonite mobsters. Google it!

The series starts with the brutal murder of a Mennonite family who are targeted by the evil Voss family as they smuggle drugs from a Mexican cartel. One little boy gets away.

Ryan Robbins plays Noah, a very religious man who gets nominated to be his groups preacher, which means that he has to make decisions for his family and community, including dealing with the criminals and the police.  Robbins does a great job as Noah! Peter Outerbridge is scary as Eli Voss, the leader of the Mennonite mob. AJ Buckley (most known from "CSI: New York") is very good as a crass local police detective.

If you like shows like "Breaking Bad" and "Fargo," you'll probably like this. However, it doesn't have the humor of either of those shows.  Unfortunately, it was canceled after one season, so there will be no second season.


Pure takes us deep inside a closed, secretive subculture through the eyes of a conflicted, good-hearted man trying to protect his family and preserve his faith.  Based on true events, Pure is the journey of Noah Funk-newly elected Mennonite pastor-who is determined to rid his community of the scourge of drugs and its nefarious ties to a transborder smuggling alliance with ruthless Mexican cocaine cartels.  But just when he thinks hes won, hes thrust headlong into a desperate world of violence, greed, and betrayal.  Pure is commissioned by the CBC and produced by Two East Productions and Cineflix.

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