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The OA 

"The OA" review by Suzanne 12/21/16
Airs now on Netflix

This is a kind of mind-bending show. I wanted to watch it after I read someone on Twitter compare it to "Stranger Things." It's not really at all like that show, except that both are on Netflix and involve teens. That's about it. I liked the scifi show "Stranger Things" immediately. It's very accessible and feels like a Spielberg series.  I thought this fantasy show, "The OA," was very slow, too slow, and too weird, when I first watched it. However, after a very short time, it really grabbed me and made me want to keep watching.

Make sure you keep watching because it's worth it. It's very compelling. They really do grab you and drag you on a journey. Now, I only watched the first 3 episodes so far, just because I have a lot of shows to watch and didn't have time to binge-watch it. That is my plight in my job. I will definitely have to go back and finish it.

Brit Marling plays a young woman who returns home after a long abduction (that plot is very popular right now), but she's a very strange girl who calls herself "The OA" instead of her previous name, "Prairie." She speaks very oddly when questioned by the police and by her family, and she doesn't want any help or therapy. She just wants to get in touch with someone she met named Homer.

Prairie seems very young, even though she's supposed to be about 30. We learn why , as we learn more about her history.  What's brilliant about the storytelling here is that they eke out little bits of information gradually, which can be maddening but really does make you want to know more. That's how they keep you tuning in, and it's brilliant.

There are many other characters, including a violent teen named Steve, his parents, Prairie's parents, and Steve's co-horts French, Jesse, and Buck, and their teacher, Betty, as well as a chilling turn by Jason Isaacs as her abductor, and others. I don't want to spoil it for you. The characters are really well written and the acting is fabulous.

You don't want to miss this one!


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