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No Tomorrow cast 

"No Tomorrow" review by Suzanne 10/7/16
Airs Tuesdays, 9/8c on The CW

This is a funy, quirky show. Whether you like it or not depends largely on whether you like the two leads, Torie Anderson (Evie) and Joshua Sasse (Xavier). Evie is a beautiful, but klutzy girl, who seems to be meandering through life, even though she likes to plan.  She's what they call "adorkable."  She works at a terrible job, with an awful boss, and she has a very quiet, dull boyfriend.  Her family is kind of mean to her, but not in an abusive way, just in that way that families can sometimes taunt each other.

She has two friends at work, Hank and Kareema, but both seem to be more caricatures than real people. That was the only part of the show that didn't work for me. Hopefully they will develop those characters a little better as time goes on.

Evie meets Xavier by chance and they're instantly smitten.  She really enjoys how he lives his life in the moment and seems to just have fun all the time, even though he's a bit of a man-child. Then she finds out that he thinks an asteroid is going to hit the earth and kill everyone.  She thinks he's a bit crazy, but eventually she does come around more to his way of thinking. Love can certainly make you ignore the warning signs and fall in love with someone who may be crazy.

Xavier gets her to lighten up and have fun. He has a bucket list, so they start crossing things off his, as well as making her bucket list. He encourages her to keep trying new things, even though sometimes he does things that she doesn't like. In many ways, the show is very realistic, despite the meet-cute and the kooky friends. 

The show is based on a telenovela, much like The CW's hit show "Jane the Virgin." It does often remind me of that show.  They call it a drama, but it's really more like a comedy or light drama. There aren't too many heavy or serious moments. It's all just very fun and positive. I think it's a good show to watch as you relax and unwind from your day.


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