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National Treasure cast 

Review of "National Treasure" 3/31/17 by Suzanne
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This has nothing to do with the Nicholas Cage movies! I really wanted to like this, and it is compelling, but it's also a downer, which is weird, since it's about a comedian.

I loved Robbie Coltrane in the 90's miniseries "Cracker," and of course in the Harry Potter movies as Hagrid. He's a fantastic actor. He plays a British comedian accused of rape (sound familiar?). It's the Bill Cosby story, without the racial aspect.

Coltrane's Paul Finchley is a beloved comedian who was once paired with another British comedian. He hosts a game show and is in the twilight of his life. His whole world falls apart when he's accused of rape. We feel a bit sorry for him, but then there are multiple women who come out with similar stories.

What made Cracker great is that, although he was a selfish, self-destructive S.O.B., he had a lot of humor and was a very good detective. Finchley is pretty unlikable all the way around here, and the show is just sad and drags too much. That happens a lot, I've found, with these streaming shows. Some of them are very good, but others are very slow and self-indulgent.

I wish someone would take the show, cut out all the dull parts, speed it up, and put in a few more laughs. Then I'd watch it to find out what happens.


National Treasure follows Paul Finchley, an aging, beloved comedian, and a hero to TV audiences and peers alike, after he is arrested following an allegation of rape dating back to the 90s. The four-part drama follows the story from arrest through to verdict and focuses both on the investigation and the effect of the case on Paul and his family: his wife of 40 years, Marie, and his troubled daughter, Dee. National Treasure is a story that goes behind the headlines to look at the human and emotional impact when a whole life is called into question. It explores memory, truth, age, doubt, and how well we really know ourselves and those close to us.

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