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Midnight Diner star 

"Midnight Diner-Tokyo Stories" review by Suzanne 11/11/16
Season 1 airs now on Netflix

"Midnight Diner" is a nice little show about a diner in Tokyo that opens at midnight. Each episode is sort of like an anthology about the various customers that go to the diner and their stories. I find it very captivating because it's so different from anything else on TV. The characters and the dialogue are just delightful. Even though it's in Japanese, I don't mind reading the subtitles. It's a really nifty show.

Kim Seung-woo plays the "Master," the chef and owner of the diner. Each episode has different characters, althought there is some crossover. It's a very low-key show. There are moments of drama, and humor as well. I can't imagine anyone not liking it.

Originally based on a Japanese comic-book (manga) called "Shinya Shokudō", and then made into a Korean TV show "Late Night Diner," in 2015, and now it's a new Japanese show on Netflix as "Midnight Diner." There are 10 episodes, all named after different types of Japanese food.

Some of the cast


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