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Loaded cast 

Review of "Loaded" 7/20/17 by Suzanne
Airs Mondays, 10/9c on AMC

Four friends who created a phone app about cats strike it rich in this British comedy. Josh (Jim Howick) is very insecure, despite being in charge of this successful company.  Leon (Samuel Anderson) is very outgoing and confident.  Ewan (Jonny Sweet) is a very shy, self-effacing fellow (a nerd among nerds). Watto (Nick Helms) is their creative artist who's given up drinking and drugs.

They got rich when their company, Idyll Hands, was bought out by a larger corporation. They deal with the tough corporate woman, Casey (Mary McCormack), who's very aggressive and mean.  They decide how to spend their money, which includes getting a big house together.  Then they realize that everyone will hate them now because they're rich.

The show is sometimes very funny and other times not. I hope it gets better. Watch the first episode and I think you might be hooked.


Josh, Leon, Ewan, Watto — four lifelong friends and self-confessed “fist-chewing business children” — have just sold their start-up for $300 million. Which is great. Sure. But not without its problems. Because they might’ve grown up in each other’s pockets, but now those pockets are lined with gold, and suddenly loyalties are being tested and fault -lines are opening up. Loaded is about male friendship, ambition, greed, the peculiarly British distaste for other people’s success, and what happens when you’ve got £14.5m in the bank but the cash machine has a £300 daily limit.

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