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Julie's Greenroom 

Review of "Julie's Greenroom" 3/31/17 by Suzanne
Watch the first season online on Netflix

This is a fun little show for kids that teaches them about the theater. Broadway legend Julie Andrews (one of my favorite singers) hosts a children's show where the kids are really muppets. They're supposed to put on a show, but there are some obstacles. She has an assistant, Gus, who's not a muppet, and he sings a lot. They have guest stars as well. Wicked's Idina Menzel is in the first episode. If you like theater or Broadway musicals, you might enjoy this. If you have kids and want them to learn about the theater, this is a great education show.

It's great seeing Julie Andrews, even though she's pretty old and can't sing much any more. She does sing a little, but her voice was injured in an operation a few years back, so she no longer has that beautiful voice she used to have. Still, I'm glad a new generation is getting to know her. 


Julie’s Green Room is an all-new arts educational show for the very young starring the legendary Julie Andrews and brought to life by the ingenious minds at Jim Henson Studios. Seven young friends learn all about the arts (dance, singing, performing, painting, and more) from Julie herself and unique guest stars (Idina Menzel, Alec Baldwin, David Hyde Pierce) in each episode.
· Giullian Yao Gioiello as Gus
· Julie Andrews as Ms. Julie
· Emma Walton Hamilton as EP
· Halle Stanford as EP
· Joey Mazzarino as CO-PROD/DIR
· Julie Andrews as EP
· Lisa Henson as EP
· Steve Sauer as EP
· Tom Keniston as PROD

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Page updated 3/31/17

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