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"Insecure" review by Suzanne 10/13/16
Airs Sundays, 10:30 on HBO

This show has gotten a lot of great reviews where they say it's ground-breaking, inspiring, unique, very real, etc. I don't know about all of that, but it's definitely another not-very-funny sitcom that seems to be popular nowadays. I chuckled a bit while watching it, but that's it. The music is good, though.

The show is about a single young middle class black woman, Issa (show creator Issa Rae). She can't decide whether to stay with her live-in boyfriend or try to find something better; she has a beautiful best friend that is having dating struggles; and she's trying to find her way in the world.

The actress who stars in it was doing this as a web series. She's very smart and fun, but there's just not enough to laugh at. I expect better from Larry Wilmore (co-creator of the show).


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