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"Haters Back off" review by Suzanne 10/16/16
Airs now on netflix

I wasn't expecting much from this sitcom because I haven't ever seen any Netflix comedy series that I thought was funny. At first, I thought it was kind of stupid, but then it surprised me. It sort of snuck on me and made me laugh.

Based on a web series, Miranda is a home-schooled teen who has amazing confidence in her beauty and talent, even though it's woefully undeserved. She has a seemingly-stupid uncle who believes in her (and they have a somewhat creepy relatioship), and a simpering mom who's afraid to tell her the truth and gives in to her about everything.  Lastly, she has a smart sister who resents how ridiculous the family acts. She's sort of the normal one, the Lily Munster of the family.

What makes me laugh is how silly they act; how Miranda is so full of herself, with no reason to be; how the whole family is just crazy and overly emotional about everything. It's not at all realistic in some ways, but in other ways, it really does remind you of real people who sometimes do act exactly this way. That's how it's so surprising because just when you think it's a silly cartoon, it surprises you with how real it can be. The characters are absurd characitures, but it somehow all works. I can't describe all of the funny and absurd little moments where they satirize people posting videos on the internet or families that won't discipline their kids, and so much more.

In the first episode, Miranda's Uncle Jim records her singing "Defying Gravity," and they post it on YouTube, sure that she'll be famous immediately. The humor just builds and builds until you're laughing out loud and can't even believe you've been sucked in. Check it out.


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