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"Goliath" review by Suzanne 10/16/16
Season one airs now on Amazon Prime

I love Billy Bob Thornton. He's just always outstanding, no matter what show or movie he's in. This show is very good and is a great companion piece with the other fabulous Amazon show "Bosch."  They both have a noir feel about them.

Thornton plays washed-up alcoholic lawyer Billy McBride. A civil suit falls in his lap, but he quickly realizes that there's a lot more to it.  The suit involves the law firm, Cooperman and McBride, that he built but no longer works for. His ex-wife is one of the partners of this large, multi-national firm, run by Cooperman (veteran actor William Hurt).

There are many great characters in the show, especially Billy.  If there's any flaw in it, it's that the bad guys are pretty obvious, very early on. But it's still a very good show, worth watching.  David E. Kelly created it, and he's usually very good at these legal dramas.

However, far more happens than just courtroom drama. It's also about uncovering the truth, like a private eye, and there's quite a bit of action as the law firm tries to keep McBride from finding it. Mario Bello plays McBride's ex-wife, caught in the middle.


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