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"Glitch" review by Suzanne 10/16/16
First season airs on Netflix

This is an Australian series from last year about a small town called Yoorana where the dead start crawling out of the cemetery. It's more of a suspenseful relationship drama than it is a creepy horror show, though. The town sheriff is very handsome; he's one of the first to discover these naked, dirty people shivering and takes them to a nearby clinic. I don't want to give too much away, but he figures out that he knows one of them, which is quite shocking.

We learn about each of the returned people and more about their situation as the series goes on. It's only 6 episodes, so it won't take up much of your time. It's well worth it. I really enjoyed it. It may remind you of other recent series such as "The Leftovers," "The Returned" or "Resurrection," but I think it's better than any of those (I haven't seen the original French series "Les Revenants," so I can't compare that one). They do have one plot device at the very beginning that "The Leftovers" also had, and I wish all TV shows would stop doing this...a dog goes crazy and is shot.  We don't want to see that! Not that they actually showed was all implied. But still, it's totally unnecessary and overdone.  Other than that, it's a very enjoyable series.

Check it out and you won't be sorry!


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