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Frequency cast 

"Frequency" review by Suzanne 10/6/16
Airs Wednesdays, 9/8c on The CW

There are a lot of time travel stories on TV right now, which is really unusual. Besides this show, we also ahve the new show "Timeless," and there's still time traveling on "The Flash" and "12 Monkeys."  In all of these shows, the common theme seems to be, "Don't mess with time!"  I say this because in every case, changing the past has really messed up the present for each of the protagonists. I guess it if it were easy and always worked, there wouldn't be much drama.

This one is based on a movie, but it is different from the movie (and not just because the movie featured a man, and the TV series features a woman).  The movie's basic plot is covered in the pilot, but then it spins off into the serial killer story at the end, so we'll see more of that as the series progresses. That serial killer plot was in the movie as well, but it was a lot shorter.

Raimy (Peyton List) is a cop that holds a lot of bitterness toward her dead father (who was also a cop). He left his family to go undercover, and when he died, it appeared that he was corrupt.  She then finds out that she can communicate with her dad in the past through his old ham radio. So we see two parallel stories in 1996 and now.  The original movie took place in 1999, and the character talked to his father 30 years earlier, which made it a little bit more fun because that was a very different time and era. 1996 was not all that different from now.

However, Peyton List is an amazing actress, and the other actors in the show are also really good. Mekhi Phifer (of ER fame) plays her dad's former partner, whom she now works with. Riley Smith, who's been in many great TV shows, does a fine job as her dad. List and Smith have good family chemistry.

Check it out!


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Page updated 10/6/16

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