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Eyewitness' Helen 

"Eyewitness " review by Suzanne 10/16/16
Premieres Sunday, October 16, 10/9c on USA Network

This is a very good suspense thriller. Julianne Nicholson, who's been excellent in so many roles (such as "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"), plays a small town sheriff, Helen, with a troubled past, who's taken in a foster kid, a gay teen named Philip.  His biological mother is an addict.  Helen and her husband Gabe (Gil Bellows) seem to have some issues as well, but they're good people.

Philip and his friend Lukas are having sex in a cabin when three men, one of them an undercover informant,  break in. One of the men (Warren Christie of "Alphas") shoots all of the others and almost shoots Philip, but Lukas hits him over the head, and the teens run off.

Philip and Lukas agree not to tell anyone about what happened because they fear Lukas killed the guy. Two FBI agents also try to cover up the murders because they fear losing their jobs (that part doesn't really make sense to me). Meanwhile, Helen is trying to solve the case, despite all of these obstacles and the fact that the murders remind her of whatever terrible thing happened to her in the past.

It's a very good, fast-paced show with a lot of layers. It definitely hooked me, and I want to see more. Check it out!


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