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"Divorce " review by Suzanne 10/15/16
Airs Sundays 9pm on HBO

I think this is supposed to be a comedy, but it's too sad, and not funny enough, to be classified as such. Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Robert (Thomas Haden Church), who've been married a long time attend a friend's party where something shocking happens. This leads Frances to suggest divorce.  She wants a quiet, friendly divorce, but she doesn't get her wish.  Sounds funny so far, doesn't it? Ha ha.

I don't know why anyone even though this would make a good subject for a comedy, but certainly not in the hands of these writers. I predict this show will only last one season.  The characters are completely unlikable, and since we don't see them before this, we have no time to form any kind of attachment to them or their lives. Almost no one smiles in the show. Parker acts like she'd rather be somewhere else, and Church acts exactly like his character in "Wings" (only a lot less funny, but wearing a bad mustache). Both of them are better actors than they show here.

Most HBO shows are pretty good. I have no idea what happened here.  I would avoid this unless you're having insomnia and really want something to lull you to sleep. However, it might also give you nightmares. You've been warned!


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