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"Channel Zero: Candle Cove" review by Suzanne 10/13/16
Airs Tuesdays, 9/8c on Syfy

This show is creepy and scary; it's also a bit slow and dream-like. I like the first aspect, but not so much the second. It has a low budget feeling to it.

Channel Zero is a new Syfy anthology series. Like "American Horror Story," each year will feature a different season-length story with, presumably, different actors and characters. This year is "Candle Cove" which was a series of short Internet drawings and stories.

Famous child psychologist Mike Painter (Paul Schneider) returns to his hometown after he gets out of the mental institution, where he apparently was in for a while after having some sort of breakdown (we see him stabbing himself a lot in flashbacks).  He stays with his mother (Fiona Shaw), who seems a bit cold. It's obvious they're not close.

We soon learn that Mike and his twin brother were bullied as children, and the twin brother, and other children, disappeared and were found dead later, with their teeth missing. The grisly murders were never solved.  Mike meets up with some other old friends, Gary (Shaun Benson) and Jessica (Natalie Brown), and then one of their children goes missing. We soon learn that an old TV show from the 70's called "Candle Cove" may have something to do with the murders.  They all saw this, but apparently only children could see it, and it's quite disturbing.

Mike has a lot of weird dreams, and he may or may not sleep-walk, and he sees some very strange things. Some people think he may be the murderer, but if he is, I don't think he knows himself if he is or not. The show is a bit confusing sometimes, but I think that's intentional.

Now, "American Horror Story" has a lot of violence, blood, gore, and torture.  It's hard to watch, and it's more horrifying or lurid than it is scary. This show is very scary, as far as I'm concerned. I hope I don't have nightmares after watching this first episode.


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