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Call Me Francis 

"Incorporated" review by Suzanne 12/21/16
Airs now on Netflix

I usually like biographies, or mini-series, but this one is very dull. I tried to like it, but I just didn't care about any of the characters or the history of it all. Perhaps if I were still Catholic, I would care a lot more, but I doubt it.

For one thing, it's in Italian, and so whether you choose to watch it dubbed, or with the sub-titles, it somehow makes it less appealing. I don't say this about ALL foreign shows or movies, just this one.  I tried to watch it with both and the huge differences in the translations between both was very disturbing. Also, the voices they chose for the actors were terrible. Like, bad acting and putting younger voices on older people, that sort of thing.

Even getting past that aspect, though, it was just not very interesting. I'm sure that as Popes go, he led a very interesting life, but to me it was a snooze-fest. It was more about what happened to or around him than really offering any insight into the person himself. I think the problem may be that it was too respectful; but it's possible that the guy really is a saint, so there's not too much conflict to show.


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