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Aftermath family 

"Aftermath" review by Suzanne 10/15/16
Airs Tuesdays, 10/9c on Syfy

 This is a good show, but it's not my kind of show. I don't like zombie shows, or most post-apocalyptic shows. The monsters in this one are apparently some kind of demon-inhabited people (called Skinwalkers or Feverheads), but it's close enough that they seem like zombies. It's just a very depressing show to me, despite the optimism of the family at the center of the show. And really, aren't there enough shows like this already?

The Copelands are a very sunny and resourceful group. Mom (Anne Heche) is a former soldier and Dad (James Tupper, Heche's real-life husband) is a university professor. They have two daughters and one son. Early on, one of the daughters gets carted off by a skinwalker (they can either fly, or jump very high), so the family sets out in their camper to look for them. It reminds me of a horror version of those Vacation movies. (It would be hilarious if they got Chevy Chase to do a guest spot!) The actors are all fine, but Heche is the best in the show. Her character, Karen, is fiercely protective and determined that her family will get through this catastrophe with spirits held high.

If you like horror and scifi, you'll probably like it. It's got great special effects, makeup, etc. and the story is good, if a little silly at times. It has some biblical links because apparently it's the End Times. Check it out to see if you like it. It's very fun at times.


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