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24: Legacy cast 

"24: Legacy" review by Suzanne 12/14/16
Premieres Sunday, 2/5 on FOX

I was always a huge fan of "24," and I have to say that, just based on the new pilot, this show is just as good as the original. Even though I love Kiefer Sutherland, any halfway decent actor with good charisma could play the action hero of the show. The writing is really the star of any "24" because the action, interlaced with the plot that weaves around with the conspiracies and suspicions, are what make the show so great.

This time around, Corey Hawkins plays the conflicted hero, Eric Carter. Carter is a former war vet (possibly with PTSD), who's been placed in witness relocation after his elite squad killed a big terrorist (obviously it's supposed to be someone like Osama Bin Laden). He quickly learns that other terrorists have been hunting down the team and killing them, looking for something. He and his wife have to go on the run or in hiding while he uses his friends at CTU to help him.

Jimmy Smits plays a senator in this version, running for president, and his wife, Rebecca (Miranda Otto) is the former head of CTU who helped Carter and his crew in their mission. Now she has to help him again, covertly, while trying to also support her husband. Teddy Sears (from "The Flash" and "American Horror Story") plays the current head of CTU.

I think the story is great and grabs you right away. It has plenty of action, as well as the usual conspiracies and paranoia. The 24 hour format appears to be the same. I think anyone who loved the original show should enjoy this one as well.


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