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The Widower

"The Widower" review by Eva Diaz  10/1/15
Airs Sundays 10/9c on PBS

If you like real life crime dramas, like I do, you will enjoy this one. The Widower is a three- part miniseries that airs over 3 Sundays on PBS.  It tells the story of how Malcolm John Webster killed two of his wives beginning in 1994 and was finally caught and put on trial in 2011; then he was sentenced to life imprisonment.  Malcolm Webster (Reece Shearsmith) is very scary as the nurse who charms his victims.  After marrying them, he kills them when they he feels that they start telling him what to do something that he doesn't want to do.  The first installment  kept me on the edge of my seat, just watching how methodically and coldly he killed his first wife, Claire. 

I will keep watching until the end because although Shearsmith isn't as charming and handsome as the real Malcolm Webster, he does an amazing job of making us wonder if he really loved his wives or not, and then the next minute we watch as he kills them and fakes sadness and remorse over their deaths.  The most chilling fact of all is that this tragedy actually happened, and the families of the victims will always miss them.  I give this  miniseries 4 out of 5 stars.  If you missed the first part you can go to the PBS website and get caught up -- it is worth watching!


About the Series

The Widower is the 3-part true story of Malcolm Webster — an infamous wife-killer who marries, and then attempts to kill, a succession of woman to mask his debts and cash in on their life insurance policies. Webster, a nurse by profession, is on the surface, a perfect gentleman. Well-­spoken, personable and oozing with charm, he marries first wife, Claire Morris, in 1993. However, a year after her dream wedding, Claire is dead — the apparent victim of a tragic road accident. What no one knows at the time is that Webster has spent the entire marriage plying his unsuspecting wife with sedatives. He aims to keep her in a constant state of fatigue and drowsiness to prevent her from questioning his wild spending habits or mounting debts. But with his debtors closing in on him, he decides to silence his wife once and for all  by killing her in a staged car accident that will pay him a life insurance policy that will resolve his financial difficulties.

About the Episodes

Part 1  (Premiered Sunday, October 4, 2015)
When Claire Morris (Sheridan Smith) confronts her new husband, Malcolm Webster (Reece Shearsmith) over his wild spending, he tries to control her with sedatives. Afraid he’ll soon be caught, he silences her once and for all. Three years on, he has a new bride … and history appears to be repeating itself.

Part 2  (Premieres Sunday, October 11, 2015)
After two failed attempts on Felicity’s (Kate Fleetwood) life, Malcolm (Reece Shearsmith) returns to Scotland and reinvents himself — this time as a perfect boyfriend to Simone (Archie Panjabi). However, DS Henry (John Hannah) is hot on his heels and will stop at nothing to prevent the next murder.

Part 3  (Premieres Sunday, October 18, 2015)
As Malcolm (Reece Shearsmith) continues to evade capture and plots to bigamously marry Simone (Archie Panjabi), DS Henry (John Hannah) is being thwarted at every step of his investigation. Time is running out when he stumbles across a legal ruling that could ultimately lead to Malcolm’s downfall.

The Widower was produced by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

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