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cast of Telenovela

"Telenovela" review by Eva Diaz  12/6/15
Special Preview Airs Monday December 7 10/9c  on NBC

I was excited when I heard about the show "Telenovela," which is a comedy that explores the behind the scenes life of  telenovela star Ana Sofia, played by Eva Longoria.  A telenovela (for those who have never seen one) is a Spanish soap opera; however, the man difference between Spanish telenovelas and American soap operas is that telenovelas end.  They don't last for years like American soap operas do.   The funny twist in the show is that Ana Sofia (Longoria) does not speak Spanish, like spicy food or dance salsa.  I was surprised to find out how funny and good at physical comedy Longoria is. Although her former show "Desperate Housewives" had a lot of comedy in it,  Longoria didn't get to do much of it.  The show also stars Jencarlos Canela, a very popular  telenovela star, as Ana Sofia's ex-husband Xavier, whom she is forced to work with to boost the ratings of their show "Las Leyes de Passion" (The Laws of Passion). 

It has been a long time since I have seen a comedy that doesn't try to be subtle about being funny.  "Telenovela" has a lot of physical comedy and doesn't try to hide the fact that it is funny.  It really made me laugh, and I think it will make you laugh, too.  The only problem I see with the show is that unless you have seen a telenovela, you might not find the jokes funny.  However, the show does a good job of explaining telenovelas and how they work in the one hour preview episode.  The show then returns on January 4 at its regular time 8:30 Eastern time 7:30 Central time.  I give this show 4 out of 5 stars!

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