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Rush Hour duo 

"Rush Hour" review by Suzanne 4/15/16
Airs Thursdays, 10/9c on CBS


I haven't seen the original movie that this show is based on, but I've seen enough clips and ads for them to pretty much know what they're about. It appears that in the pilot of the TV show, they did a rough re-shoot of the original movie, with the new actors.

When I first saw the actor that plays Detective Lee (previously played by  Jackie Chan), John Foo, my first thought was, "Wow, he doesn't look very Asian. Did they just pick some handsome white-looking Asian guy because they thought we wouldn't like a real Asian guy  in an action role?" It certainly didn't help that the woman who plays his sister looks way more Asian than he does (they don't look related at all).  But then, I read that he's done lots of martial arts movies and has studied martial arts extensively in many countries. Althoug he is definitely mixed-race (unlike Jackie Chan, who's Chinese) and grew up in England, he's not a bad actor. They even made a joke in the pilot about how good-looking he is.  Well, what do I care, if no one else gets offended by it?

Justin Hires plays Detective Carter (the role played by Chris Tucker in the movie).  He is funny and does a great job, too.  Wendy Malick, who's always great, plays their captain.

The show has a lot of action, and it doesn't take itself very seriously.  It's light and fun. It looks like they spent quite a lot of money on action shots in the pilot. I hope they can still afford to keep doing that. The writing is good and kept my attention, and made me laugh.

I will definitely keep watching this one, and you should, too!

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