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Real Rob's Rob Schneider

"Real Rob" review by Suzanne 12/2/15
Airs on Netflix

I really didn't expect much from this show because Rob Schneider's never been hilarious, either on "Saturday Night Live" or in any of the movies I've ever seen him in. However, I was surprised to find myself laughing at the first episode. I'm not saying I laughed during the whole show, but it had quite a few good moments.

If you liked shows like "Louie," this you may not like this one. It's not pretentious. It's not great art. Rob Schneider doesn't have some fantastic vision. It's just a regular sitcom, loosely based on his life. It's a fun, pleasant way to spend some time. 

He's getting older now and kind of reminds me a little of Michael Emerson, who plays "Finch" on "Person of Interest." He's got a kind of owlish look to him now. It suits him, though. Check it out!

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