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Queen of the South cast 

"Queen of the South" review by Suzanne 7/7/16
Thursdays, 10/9c on USA Network

Normally, I don't like shows about drug dealers or killers. I have a hard time with shows that feature a bad person or a criminal as a protagonist (with just a few exceptions).  However, I do think that this is a very good and enjoyable show. It has a lot of thrilling stuff, tons of action, and good story. It's very realistic in many ways as well. They chose a good actress to play Theresa, the lead character. She shows a lot of vulernability in the character, which helps us to empathize with her. The characters are probably the best part of the show, in fact. They seem very real.

The story begins with her getting shot, and we don't know if she dies or not.  We hear her voice-over that tells us that she's a rich and powerful drug dealer.  The first episode flashes back to her past in Mexico and how she got involved in the drug dealing business.  She and her boyfriend are people you would probably not want to know in real life because they're dangerous and are involved in dangerous activities, but yet you feel for them and like them.

The story is very compelling and has many great actors as well. Veronica Falcón plays another strong woman on the show. So it's not your usual tale about "bad guys." It's more from a woman's perspective, which is enticing.  If I had time, I would keep watching this show to see what happens. It would be interesting to see how they keep it going.

The only thing I didn't like was when she sees visions of herself from the future. That was bizarre and didn't fit in with the rest of the show. I hope they put an end to that kind of silliness.

Check it out and see for yourself!


On the series premiere of QUEEN OF THE SOUTH the Mexican drug cartel comes after Teresa Mendoza with a vengeance and she is forced to run and do whatever it takes to survive.  Teresa’s fate is sealed in the dangerous narco world forever and she has to prove her worth to Camila.  Meanwhile, Epifanio gets closer in his hunt.  Back in Mexico, Brenda desperately tries to find Teresa and hide from the cartel.  Stars:  Alice Braga, Veronica Falcon, Peter Gadiot, Justina Machado, Gerardo Taracena, Hemky Madera; Guest stars this month include:  Joaquim de Almeida, Jon Ecker, James Martinez, Jean Paul San Pedro, Adolfo Alvarez, Miguel Perez, Caitlin Leahy, Mark Consuelos, and Lobo Sebastian.

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