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$100,000 Pyramid host and logo 

"$100,000 Pyramid" review by Eva Diaz  6/28/16
Airs Sundays 8/9c on ABC

I love good game shows, so I was looking forward to watching the latest version of this show. It's part of ABC's Sunday Fun and Games Night. If you love game shows, you will enjoy this one, too. There have been many versions of it, and if you have GSN, you can watch at least two of the earlier versions of the show. Michael Strahan ("Good Morning America") hosts the show and seems very comfortable as host, despite the fact that he has never hosted a game show.
The format of the show is simple: famous people give clues to contestants, and if they guess the clues in the shortest amount of time, they have a chance to win money. The show has not added anything new to its original format, so it still has the feel of the original show. It's fun to watch and a fun family alternative to other shows that might be on Sunday night. I do reccomend that parents watch the show with their children because occasionally their might be a subject or clue that isn't appropriate for children.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars

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