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The Muppets

"The Muppets" review by Suzanne 9/29/15
Airs Tuesdays,
8/7c on ABC

I've always loved the Muppets, both on TV and in movies. I like this new series. I think it's pretty funny, and it's clever the way they updated it for today. Instead of having it behind-the-scenes of a vaudeville show (like their old series), it's not behind-the-scenes of a talk show. It reminds me a bit of "The Larry Sanders Show," and it also sometimes reminds me of "The Office" (especially when the characters talk to the camera). I thought the best part was Fozzy Bear dating a woman and having to meet her parents, who weren't too crazy about their daughter dating a bear.

I know some people who are complaining that it's "too adult."  Some people just like to complain. Others are just nostalgic for their childhood. If you're one of the people who has fond memories of the old 70's series "The Muppet Show," then I urge you to go watch those again, either online or on DVD.  I watched those, too (in the 80's in re-runs, and I was already an adult, not a kid), and I recall like them pretty well. However, I found the first episode online and it very slow and boring to me now. TV changes as our tastes change.  Shows move much faster now and the type of humor is different. Similarly, children are also different.  They're used to much more adult humor than what we used to watch. The most adult thing we ever saw was "Rocky & Bullwinkle."  Today's kids watch all of those cable kids networks, and shows on ABC Family. But heck, even we watched shows like "Star Trek," which had some adult situations. Face it, broadcast networks are not going to have too much squeaky clean content for kids on primetime any more. Those type of shows don't get many ratings.

Which is not to say that "The Muppets" is racy (at least not to me), but it does talk about relationships and has very sarcastic humor. It's more like the movies than the old TV show. I don't think anyone over 10 will watch it and be shocked by anything that's said (unless they're living in a very sheltered family). I doubt anyone under 10 will understand the show, but they'll like it because has pigs, dogs, bears and frogs acting silly.

Check it out for yourself and be the judge.  Like the old Muppets show, there are many guest-stars in every episode. The first one had Tom Bergeron, Elizabeth Banks, and Imagine Dragons. There seems to be a lot more comedy than music, which is the ONLY thing I liked better about the old show.

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