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Moonbeam's Dazzle Novak

"Moonbeam City" review by Suzanne 9/29/15
Airs Wednesdays,
10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central

I don't like this animated series. It's just not funny. The show is about a rogue cop, Dazzle Novak, who thinks he's a great cop, but he spends more time with hookers and drugs than he does solving crime. He tries to sound menacing, but he can't even shoot straight. The series seems like it's trying to copy "Archer," but it's not nearly as good or funny. Also, Archer is a pretty good spy, despite everything else, and he can shoot well.

Comedy Central has a lot of series, and I don't like most of them. A lot of them (like this show) seemed to be aimed at teens or young adults, or people who are high. The same could be said about a lot of the shows on Cartoon Network. The only shows I like on Comedy Central are "The Daily Show," "The Nightly Show," and "South Park." The rest are terrible, in my opinion (and "South Park" is not nearly as funny as it used to be). For a network with "comedy" in its title, it should be funnier! I miss the old days when they had lots of great stand-up comedy.

Anyway, getting back to "Moonbeam City"...Rob Lowe, who has the new show "Grinder" as well as another one coming out later this season, voices the lead character, Dazzle.  If you're a teenager, or just someone who likes animation, you might like the show.

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