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 Aziz Ansari

"Master of None" review by Suzanne 11/24/15
Airs on Netflix

Comedian/actor Aziz Ansari plays Dev in this sitcom that Ansari and Alan Yang created and wrote. The first ten episodes are available now on Netflix. Personally, I don't find it very funny. Dev is a comedian and actor, a less-successful version of Ansari.  He hangs out with his friends in New York City. In the first episode, Ansari thinks about whether he will have kids or not. He almost gets a woman that he picked up in a bar pregnant, and then he goes to a friend's birthday party for their son. Later, he baby-sits his friend's kids. He is shocked to learn how much energy they have and how draining it is to spend time with them.

There are plenty of opportunities for jokes here, and it's very wry, but I think they really miss on all of the jokes. It reminds me of "Louie," but without the funny parts. I rarely laughed at all. I think there's a very good reason why this show is on Netflix and not on a "real" network.  People who are hip and cool will probably love it. I think the only joke I laughed at (mildly) was when one of his friend's kids gave him a sandwich they made, and a picture of them with him. They had colored in his face to make him darker. He said it was "a great picture...a  little racist, but okay." That was the only funny line.

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