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"Marcella" review by Eva Diaz  7/9/16
Season 1 airs on Netflix

This is a  Netflix original series, now streaming. It's a British detective show, and since I love detective shows, I thought I would watch it.  Marcella (Anna Friel) used to work on the police force as a detective but decided to leave because she wanted to raise her family.  Marcella returns to the force after her husband Jason Backland (Nicholas Pinnock) leaves her because he doesn't love her anymore.  Marcella decides to return to the force to catch a serial killer, whom she investigated 12 years ago and who has started killing again. 

I didn't like this show at all.  The killings are very graphic, and I don't think you need to show quite so much of the murder to make a good serial killer story.  I didn't root for any of the characters, not even Marcella.  I found them all very unlikable. Also, the show has several stories within it, and I was never quite sure how they fit together.  The only thing I liked about the show is it moves fast and isn't slow like some dramas I have seen on netflix.   If you are a fan of British detective shows you might like this one.  I give this show a 1 out of 5 stars. I think it needs a lot of work.

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