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Kong, King of the Apes 

"Kong, King of the Apes" review by Eva Diaz  7/11/16
Season 1 airs on Netflix

I'm always looking for new cartoons to watch with my niece and nephew, so I thought I would check this out.  I would recommend this show for kids ten years and up because  I don't think preschoolers like my niece and nephew would have enough attention span to watch it. 

The show starts out with an hour and forty-five minute episode explaining the story of Kong, a baby ape who escapes poachers and ends up growing up with a family of scientists who teach Kong the difference between good and evil.  Kong is a good ape who rescues people and animals who are in danger.  The show's later episodes only last 30 minutes. 

This show teaches kids about animals and science and is wonderful for older children.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars because I found it to be a little violent.  I suggest that parents watch episodes before their kids do to see if youir child can handle the violence in the show.   

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