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Heartbeat stars 

"Heartbeat " review by Eva Diaz  4/19/16
Airs Wednesdays 8/7c on NBC

I like medical shows, so I thought I would see if I wanted to add this one to the lineup of shows I watch.  The show centers around cardiac surgeon Alexandra Panettiere (Melissa George), who  tries to balance her career with raising her two children, as well as a boyfriend (Dave Annable) and an unrequited love, who is also her mentor (Don Hany).  To top it off, Alex's best friend is her ex-husband who is gay.  Her life is very complicated, yet she still is a great doctor, who cares about and fights to get her patients the best care possible. 

I like George's take on the character of Alex' it reminds me of a cross between Ally MCBeal and Dr. House because she always solves the mystery of what is ailing her patients.  From what I have seen so far, she always saves her patients.   I like the show because it takes on uncommon medical problems, so I learn  something every time I watch the show.  The one way that the show needs a bit of work is that it has a large cast.  So far it hasn't taken the time to develop the stories of the other cast members .  The show also moves a bit too fast and needs to slow down just a little bit so that viewers have time to care about the characters.  I give this show 3 out of 5  stars.

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