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Pernell Roberts and Dana Delaney

"Hand of God" review by Suzanne 9/8/15
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This is a very intriguing show with a great cast. Ron Perlman plays a corrupt judge named Pernell Harris whose daughter-in-law, Jocelyn, was raped, and whose son PJ shot himself in the head because he was forced to watch. When the show starts, Judge Harris has seemingly gone crazy. He thinks PJ, who's in a coma, talks to him to give him clues about how to find the rapist, so he can get revenge. He "finds God" when he gets baptized by this con artist preacher.

In a wink to the audience, the preacher is revealed to be a former actor on "The Young & The Restless." This show "Hand of God" is written by Ben Watkins, who used to play Wes on the same soap, Y&R. Julian Morris plays the preacher; you may remember him as Prince Phillip from "Once Upon a Time." There are many recognizable actors on the show, such as singer/actress Erykah Badu; Jon Tenney ("The Closer"); Ravi Kapoor ("Chasing Jordan"), Camryn Manheim and many others. In fact, I recognized a lot of other former soap stars as well.

Garret Dillahunt plays a crazy and violent prison inmate that Harris connects with. Dana Delaney plays Harris' angry wife. There are many fabulous actors in this, and they all do a great job. The show has a lot of violence, bad language, drug use, and some nudity. That doesn't bother me, unless the violence gets too bad. It's fine so far, from what I can tell.

What keeps you watching is the question: Is Harris really crazy, or is God (or something) really talking to him? Or maybe both.  The rest of the story is about how Pernell is in league with some people who are also very corrupt and trying to build some kind of shady real estate development. Also, Jocelyn wants to turn off PJ's life support after Harris tries to make her look at this cop Shane's penis. Harris thinks that god has told him that Shane is the rapist.

This is an eerie comparison to the real-life Terri Schiavo case.  The rest of the show sort of reminds me of the show "Boss," but it's not quite as good as that show. It's worth watching, I think, just to see what happens. It's got quite an interesting, twisty plot, if you can stand the very dark things that happen. 

I'm read some bad reviews of the show. I really do think it's compelling television, even if it's not necessarily uplifting or perfect. The acting alone is worth watching it for. I would say it's not as good as Amazon's show "Bosch," but then, few shows are.


Created and written by Ben Watkins, and marking the television debut of renowned filmmaker Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland, World War Z), Hand of God stars Golden Globe winner Ron Perlman in his first lead television role since Sons of Anarchy as the honorable justice Pernell Harris. The show centers on Judge Harris, a hard-living, law-bending married man with a high-end call girl on the side, who suffers a mental breakdown and goes on a vigilante quest to find the rapist who tore his family apart. With no real evidence to go on, Pernell begins to rely on “visions” and “messages” he believes are being sent by God through Pernell’s ventilator-bound son. Hand of God also stars Dana Delany as the Judge’s protective wife Crystal Harris, Garret Dillahunt as KD, the born-again sociopath whose violent tendencies are exploited by Pernell, Andre Royo as the slick, smart, gregarious, and greedy mayor Robert ‘Bobo’ Boston, Alona Tal as Pernell’s grieving daughter-in-law Jocelyn Harris, Julian Morris as the questionable preacher Paul Curtis, Elizabeth McLaughlin as the preacher’s sultry girlfriend Alicia, and Emayatzy Corinealdi as Pernell’s call girl and confidante Tessie. Forster, Watkins, Perlman, Brian Wilkins and Jeff King are Executive Producers, and Jillian Kugler is co-Executive Producer.

  • “From the opening credits to the final scene, I was completely hooked and entertained. This may be Ron Perlman’s best role yet.”
  • “Perhaps the most thought provoking series since Breaking Bad.”
  • “Brilliant pilot! It had me hooked from the first scene. I love the complexity of each of the main characters and the intensity of the storyline. Dana Delany and Ron Perlman both turn in wonderful performances. I hope we get to see more of this.”

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