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Greatest Hits hosts 

"Greatest Hits" review by Eva Diaz  7/2/16
Airs Thursdays 8/9c on ABC

I was interested to watch the forst show because I love music, and from the commercials, it looked like a fun show that would feature duets from musicians of the past with musicians of the present for 6 episodes. The show is hosted by former talk show host Arsenio Hall and country singer Kelsea Ballerini.  I was very disappointed in the show and think that it needs a lot of improvement. I was surprised that Arsenio seemed nervous and like a fish out of water; plus you could tell that both hosts were reading from a teleprompter.

Also, the audience for the show didn't seem excited to be watching the singers perform their songs at all. Rick Springfield got off stage after performing his hit "Jesse's Girl" in the first segment and was asked how he thought his performance was.  He replied, "We did our best", but the look on his face said "My band did its best, but I don't know if the audence enjoyed it." Were there some technical problems we didn't know about? Who knows? They didn't tell us what was going on. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it and Springfield is just the type of performer that says things like that. It just stood out as a weird response.

I enjoyed listening to the writers and performers of the songs in this episode talking about how their songs came to be and the process that was involved in making the hits.

The main thing is, I think the show needs a new host -- someone like a Ryan Seacrrest or Carson Daly who's  knowledgeable about music history but also have a more easygoing hosting style and knows how to get a crowd's enthusiasm going, so they can clap more for the musicians who are performing.

I give this show a 3 out of 5 stars because I would only watch it if there was nothing else to watch on TV that night. 

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