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Flaked cast 

"Flaked" review by Suzanne 4/15/16
Airs on Netflix

This is just not my kind of comedy. I don't find it funny at all. If you like shows that are full of snark and laid-back humor that only some people in Portland might like, then this is your show.

Will Arnett plays Chip, the main character. He's a reformed alcoholic in Venice Beach, California, who lies to everyone, including himself. It's all about how Chip lies and cheats, but he's not very good at it because of his bad memory. I can relate to that (that's one of the reasons I don't lie!), but it's not enough to sustain interest in the show for me.  and I guess it's supposed to be funny... it just isn't funny or interesting.

This might be something that smart 20-somethings like...I don't know, but it's not my cup of tea. It's dull. I don't know why anyone ever thinks that a show should have people talking like real life. Real life is boring.

Skip this one. Netflix needs to stop with comedies because they're just not good at them. They do good drama and SciFi.

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