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The cast of Degrassi

"DeGrassi Next Class" review by Suzanne 1/25/16
Airs on Netflix

This show is aimed at high school kids, so I'm definitely not their target audience. It seems pretty good to me, for a kids' show. I watched "Degrassi Junior High" back in the 80's, and I really enjoyed it. That was a very realistic teen drama. I read that there were many other Degrass shows that I didn't watch. I wouldn't say that this current show is very realistic.

In fact, when I was watching the first episode with my husband, we jokingly referred to it as "Beverly Hills N9O 2I0." It seems like your typical teen high school show. We meet the characters in the first episode. One girl is still sad because her boyfriend broke up with her over the summer. Two gay boys are running for class president; they both used to date, but one dates girls as well. Another girl running is Muslim. One girl wants her lab partner to like her. Typical teen stories. Some of the characters seem a bit exaggerated, and not in a good way.

If you're a kid, or a teen, or a fan of the other Degrassi shows, you may like it. I certainly won't be watching it again because it's not very interesting or funny or intriguing. It's just a teen soap without much to hate or like about it.

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