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Brain Dead 

"Brain Dead" review by Suzanne 7/5/16
Mondays, 10/9c on CBS

It's hard to explain why I don't like this show. It's not that I hate it. I might even watch it if there was nothing else on.  It just doesn't grab. I usually like any show that has to do with scifi or supernatural, but this just tries to be too many things at once: comedy, political satire, scifi, thriller, and horror. There's just too much going on and none of it that I love.

The show is by the same team that brought us "The Good Wife," which was a great show that I loved, so in theory, I should love this one, too. However, it doesn't always work out that way, does it?  The show is very farcical to me and hard to take seriously.  I guess if you can believe that aliens send insects to the earth, then believing that they eat politicians' brains is not that far-fetched, but I just don't buy it. Maybe they do explain it in a later episode.

I know that some people love the show, so please do watch and form your own opinion. Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars as Laurel, who gets drawn into Washington politics and figures out that something weird is going on. Her brother is a congressman (Danny Pino, who's also great) and her father also works in Washington (not sure what he does). Her father offers to pay off her student loans if she works for her brother for the summer, so she reluctantly agrees. She's an unsuccessful documentary film maker. Tony Shalhoub plays a boozy Republican politician, and he does a fine job, but I'd rather watch "Monk" re-runs, to be honest.

The big joke of the show is that aliens are eating politicians' brains and causing discord. That's why they don't get anything done and why they're always at each others' throats etc. Ha ha, get it? But that is not that funny. Maybe I take real life politics too seriously to enjoy it. Anyway, it would have made more sense if they'd made it so that Donald Trump's brain was eaten by aliens...then at least we'd have a good reason for his behavior!

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