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Blood & Oil main cast

"Blood & Oil" review by Suzanne 9/29/15
Airs Sundays,
9/9c on ABC

This show reminds me of Dallas, both the old and new versions, but it's not quite as good as either. For about 3/4 through the show, I felt it was kind of boring and predictable. After that, it did get better, and I found myself suddenly caring about the characters, and then there was a shocking ending. They need to pick up the pace if they want to keep viewers.

Don Johnson plays oil tycoon Hap, who's oil company is drilling in North Dakota, which is where they have a lot of oil rigs now. That area is called The Bakken.  He's married to a much-younger woman, who's really smart and helps him in the business. They seem to care about each other. They're both a bit corrupt and willing to buy off politicians or whatever it takes to succeed.  Other than that, though, Hap doesn't seem too much like JR.

We didn't see too much of Hap in the premiere. Most of the show revolves around the young, newly-married couple, Billy and Cody. They had intended to open a laundry business, but on the way to The Bakken, they get into an accident and lose all of their washing machines and dryers. They're forced to start over and end up getting involved with Hap.  We also meet Hap's son, Wick, who's a ne'erdowell. He reminds me a lot of John Ross in the newer "Dallas" show, but he might be even worse than him. He keeps letting his dad down, so his dad kicks him out.

There's also a nice young African-American couple that Billy and Cody meet when they first get to town, named Kess and Ada.  There are some really good actors in the smaller parts, most notably Barry Corbin (who owns some pivotal land) and Delroy Lindo (as the town sherrif).

It's a nice soapy drama with pretty people in it. If the rest of the show is like the last part of the first episode, it should be pretty good. I didn't plan to watch this one regularly, but I might have to tune in to the next episode to see what happens next!

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