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American Grit cast 

"American Grit" review by Eva Diaz  5/1/16
Airs Thursdays 9/8c on FOX

I don't usually watch this type of show, but I thought I would give it a try.  Surprisingly, I liked it, mostly... but it still could use some work.  It is hosted by wrestler John Cena (who I think does a wonderful job as the host of the show).  The show has four highly-decorated  veterans of the armed forces that train four teams of people in challenges that are used in training our armed forces.  The last contestant left  on each team wins $250,000.  The contestants eliminate themselves from the game if they give up and go home. 

I loved the mentors and their stories. I loved seeing how our armed forces train to protect us, but the weakest part of the show is the contestants.  There are very few of them that I was actually rooting for, and they wasted too much time fighting with each other.  I think this show would be better if they focused more on the challenges rather then the  bickering. I also would enjoy hearing more about the contestants and what led them to want to be on the show.  I am not adding this show to my DVR, but I would most likely stream it or watch it if all  the other shows I watch were in reruns that day.  I don't know where they tape the show, but the scenery is also beautiful.  I give this show 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

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